Sugar Cookies #5: Painted Cookies

22 December 2013

The very first time I saw cookies painted like this was at a wonderful, classic, old cafe in Stockholm called Blå Porten (the Blue Door.) Amongst their beautiful line up of baked goods, were Gingerbread Men and Women, painted with flourishes. So, of course, I went straight home and tried to do the same.


A beautifully decorated cookie has always been something of a marvel to me. A beautiful, tasty and unusual cookie — even more magical and that’s what this season should bring, right?.  There’s almost a
sugarplum quality to these cookies that have been baked with beautiful details and then,  fresh out of the oven, iced and cooled so that they’re encased in a sheer shimmer of icing.  Whether you’re one who likes to paint in detail, like me, or have small hands who make lines that are more like… Jackson Pollack, these are very distinctive cookies and fun can be had by all! If you want to have fun with us, too, just follow below…


Supplies: cookie dough, rolling pin, new and unused paint brushes, Food Coloring, small cups for coloring,

How to: Bring out your inner artist and paint your cookies!
1. Roll and cut out cookies. Place on baking sheet.
2. Mix food coloring with water for desired shade. For the Christmas trees I’ve shared, I used 3 T water and 1 heavy swab of the end of a stirring stick of food coloring paste, mixed well. Replenish as you go along.
3. Dip a paint brush as you would for regular painting and paint directly on to cookie.
4. Bake according to directions.
5. Optional: Glaze immediately when removing cookies from oven for a shiny, transparent, icing or leave plain. Cool.
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