3D Paper Hearts

10 February 2014


The dog ate my homework. Well, this is a half-truth.
Today, let’s make 3D Paper Hearts, but before we do this, I have to add that this isn’t what I had planned. To clarify this confession with another confession: our dog, Henry, did not  eat my homework but did playfully (and accidently) break my hard drive, last night, witheverything (and more, lots, lots more.) that I was planning to share with you, today.   I can’t hardly talk about .. (If you follow my on Instagram, you know my sorrows: here +
here. ) As heartbroken as I am, the “show must go on.”  Pastels, out .  Red’s, in! Let’s paint this Monday red, instead; or, rather, let’s cut some 3D Paper Hearts!  They’re wonderfully simple and I hope you’ll follow below for tutorial and printout to make these easy for you to add to your week, too!
– 220 gram Paper (If you’d like to do what we did, we used red, glittery white and pink)
–  Scissors
– Glue Stick, glue gun or 2 sided tape — use the adhesive that works best for you and your age group. I used our glue gun because the kids are safe + older and I love the fast, work this does; however, all of these work.
1. Cut 10 Hearts in Identical Sizes 2. Punch Hole in the middle of all 10 hearts. Make sure the hole is identically placed.
Making the 3D Paper Hearts:
1. Cut 16 Identical Paper Hearts. Fold a paper in 1/2 to cut a heart or by using a cutting template below.
Optional Heart Cutting Templates: 
US Letter sized | Paper Heart Cutting Guide, click here

Europe + worldwide sized |  A4 Paper Heart Cutting Guide, click here

If using template. Place template over the heavy, red paper; fold both in 1/2, align and cut along the outer half-heart and then, cut out the middle hole. You may re-use the template to complete the cutting of all hearts needed for this project. I used 16 her 3 D Paper Heart.
2. Cut the hole in the middle of all 16  hearts, making sure the hole is identically placed.
3. Align the two sides and glue them together. Continue gluing the pieces together until the ornament is full.  Then string the hearts on a thread.