Feather Wreaths

13 April 2014



Before hitting the road for Easter Break travels, we made Feather Wreaths. We hope you will, too. These are easy. They’re sweet. Use them in multitudes of ways, for you or as gifts. Just click below for full instructions…

We had so much fun making these together and used a variety of feathers combinations. Feathers are available in multitudes of colors. I’m drawn to the natural colored feathers but, the colors in this wreath are very typical Swedish Easter colors and add a welcome vibrancy! You can choose to make these large for front doors or sweet and small as nice little gifts which can be hung from door handles. We think small gifts like this, with an invitation to come join us for coffee and bunny cupcakes (here) are perfect this time of the year.  (Here’s our Autumn surprise to the same neighbor.)

Make wreaths large for a front door, as a decoration or as a gift! It you have pussy willows or blossoming trees near you, these work perfectly.
I was amazed, last week, in Dalarna (here,) with all of the decorations outside that used feathers. Bouquet with feathers, like these, from markets are more common to me and have them at home, too. We hope you might enjoy bringing a little Swedish Spring or Easter into your home this year, too!

Pussy willows
Florist Wire

How to make

1)  Gently bend the pussy willows evenly and bind them together with florist wire. I think this words best if you have two sprigs overlap at almost the 1/2 way point point and binding there, as well. It is important to find the most fresh branches available and keep them in water. If these are dry, they will not shape as well. Small wreaths can be made with just a few pieces of wire as reinforcement, but, if making a large wreath, you can weave in a circular wire to help with the full structure.

2. Comple the ring by tying off the beginning and ends.

3. Add feathers, evenly, with florial wire and add ribon at the top so that it can be hung. I think these make perfect hangings for door handles.

Enjoy and Happy Willowday Wishes!

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