Paper Flower Gift Wrap

23 May 2014


It just takes one.
Talking with a friend last week,  I learned that she was missing willowday gift wraps. Since the job “Santa’s gift wrapper” would be high on my bucket list, this was easily accomplished. (A few early gift wraps: | this | this | and this…) Almost every week of the year something leaves our house wrapped — from presents, snacks or party goods — I just love the fantasy of a package and am so happy to bring some back. The smallest embellishment elevates a present from ordinary to a personalised gift.
If you have small kids or kids with hands that are itching to create, I’d love to see a gift with paper flowers that have been embellished, painted or drawn on. I always love to see what you do.
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Gift Wrap Series #28: Paper Flower Gift Wrap

Materials: wrapped present, Colored Paper (We used 220 g paper), ribbon, scissors.
How to Wrap:
– Cut Paper Flowers.
1. Start by folding your square in half and then, folding that half in half again. 
2. Hold the folded square in your hand and fold the square diagonally, making a triangle.
3. One you have the triangle, cut a petal shape along the top edge. Snip a small amount from the point for the ribbon.
4. Unfold. 
(For more detail, continue to this earlier post)
– Thread the ribbon through one, several or many paper flowers to get the effect you’re looking for.
– Tie the ribbon on the back of the present.
– Cut a leaf for the gift tag, if desired.
(cut one green leaf, punch hole, thread with ribbon and secure to the package)

Happy Wrapping! Happy Creating.