17 January 2017

Hej, Hi, Bonjour, to you!

Hej, Hi, Bonjour,  to your kids!

Make “Hej, Hi, Bonjour ” Necklaces with us!

1600_LEAD_Shrinky Dink_SOLOAAA

If accessories make an outfit,  then what can I say about a handmade, personalised, glittery, super-cool Hello Necklace?  My 9 year old art students made these Hello Necklaces and I’ve been so excited to finally get the chance to share these with you and your small makers. Come kick off kid creativity in 2017 with me and Hello Necklaces. 

1600_LEAD_Shrinky Dink_SOLO_FOURTH1600_LEAD_Shrinky Dink_QUAD
1600_LEAD_Shrinky Dink_SOLO_THIRD If you didn’t know, I live in Sweden which is why our “Hello Necklaces” use the Swedish expression”hej.” This is how we say “hi” in Swedish.   (Sounds like “hay.”) I would love to see you make a “HELLO” version.  In fact, I’d love to see a hello necklace PLUS  I would love to see”Hello” Necklaces in every language!  If you make one, I’d love to see both how you say hello and what you do with this tutorial. 

This is what you’ll need:

1600_LEAD_Shrinky Dink_working


Shrinky Film (like this)

Hole Punch

Jewelry Chain 

Pointed Nose- Jewlery Pliers, optional for chain

Permanent Markers*

(*If you would like to make necklaces like we’ve made, we used metallic permanent: copper, silver and gold.)

– Cut Plastic Rectangle (remember that this will shrink by 70 %)

– Cut 2 Holes on upper corners with hole punch1600_LEAD_Shrinky Dink_HOW_to
– Write “hi” (and in our case, hej“) with the permanent markers on the plastic
NOTE: You may want to freehand or, like I did for class: print out greetings in different fonts as a guide or inspiration. To assure the easiest writing, place the printed text under your shrinky plastic and then trace. It just reduces crooked or sloping lines, misspellings and also gives the kids a chance to visualise the final art. 
1600_LEAD_Shrinky Dink_HOWB_to
-Shrink and heat according to directions.
– Let Cool.
– Attach the chain to the holes that have been punched.
1600_LEAD_Shrinky Dink HEJD
** NOTE ABOUT SHRINKING: I’ve found the best trick for even shrinking if to lay a layer of aluminum down first and shrink on the aluminum. If folding occurs, place a little piece of aluminum on top of the plastic that is shrinking. This usually brings the edges down.
1600_LEAD_Shrinky Dink_BOTH GIRLS

I want to mention, Kira,modelling her necklace, above, and Vendala, in a special thanks for sharing their work.  Kira and Vendela have  joined me this school year for weekly making in my home studio. Maybe you recognise them from these projects: DIY Leaf Masks and Fairy Leaf Puppets but, I have so many more of their projects ahead. Their necklaces were perfect and  I love them so much that I’d wear one, too (A Valentine, perhaps?)  — but, can’t wait to see what you kids do with this. Let’s go. 

Just a small word about art classes and my wonderful wee willow workers, Kira and Vendela who are two of my students who joined me in a private after-school art class all school all Fall and early Winter.  I fit in classes, pop-up camps and art birthdays when my schedule allows.  Oh, I wish there were more hours in the day! This year, I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to have this small group with just 4 kids in my home studio, which gave such a chance for personal contact, interaction that everything about it was pure joy — and I look forward to what the coming year brings.   Their firm ideas, enthusiasm, energy, fashion sense, attention to detail and creativity charmed and inspired our sessions. I prep and present with an idea which is tailored to the class and their interests; then, let the magic begin.  Every once in a while, I’m lucky enough for my own kids to arrive home early from their long school days or activities to jump in a session with assistance, as well. It’s amazing what each age brings to the conversation.  Some ideas worked instantly and others took fierce dedication to really hatch.   I was so proud of their commitment to each and every project and look forward to sharing. If you live in Sweden (or elsewhere, who knows!) and are interested in learning more, you can reach me via my email (here)
If you live far away, then, I hope you’ll join me here every Tuesday for kids and creativity! Instilling and spreading simple creativity has been my motivator from the start and has been what’s kept me returning to willowday from the beginning just for you. I started the blog as a desire to spread ideas and inspiration that was a natural part of our home, my thoughts, my days. At that time,  in addition to always reaching for paint brushes or chef’s hats with my own 3 kids, I was teaching an ESL class in an elementary school and working as a freelance designer and illustrator which I continue to do. Starting willowday was a chance to send off ideas for inspiration to you. Your letters and comments have continued to inspire me. I absolutely love meeting in person but, since that isn’t always possible, I’m so thankful for willowday as a way for us to meet. As the year starts out, I’d love to hear if there’s something special your looking for. I’d love to see a hello necklace PLUS  I would love to see”Hello” Necklaces in every language!  If you make one, I’d love to see both how you say hello and what you do with this tutorial.   If you share these on Instagram, use the #willowdayproject hashtag and on Facebook, too!
Willowday Wishes!
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