Make Vegetable Mandalas

29 August 2014


Set your table with an invitation to add imagination today: 
Make Vegetable Mandalas with us.


Happy Friday Night!

I’m so happy to meet you here. If you’ve visited us here at willowday before, then, you might remember that Friday night usually brings a “Friday Night Aperatif — kids style” to our house (more about that / here) and this Friday is no exception but rather than plain carrot sticks, I wanted festive fun that I could prepare ahead of time and am so happy to share with you.Vegetable Mandalas.

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Isn’t it amazing how everyday life just falls back in place and feels so good, too? School started again this week and brought a week of unexpected daily schedules changes and with this fresh hustle and bustle, I missed meeting you here all week. I hope you’re like me and are always ready to look at thing through rose coloured glasses which just means that I’ll have even more to share with you, next week.  I can’t wait.


Vegetables sticks and/or slices.
1 plate per person
Recognize the Svenskt Tenn Pattern of this tray? Are you familiar with this Sweden Design house?
How to:
– Clean, peel, prepare and cut vegetables into sticks and/or slices and set a tray with these.
– Create Mandalas but choosing a center vegetables and then, designing a repetitive pattern that flows in a circle around this center point. Like these examples below.
Note: Even if you have just one vegetables in the house and you’re afraid to try these with what you have at home, an idea can be to just cut that vegetables in different sizes or shapes. For example, if you have only carrots, cut sticks in different lengths, thicknesses and slices. Some slices can even be halved for semi-circles. These are just as beautiful in one color as they are in many!
Before laying out your trays of vegetables, I think it’s worth thinking about how you serve or invite your children to make these Vegetable Mandalas. Serving the vegetables in separate bowls versus one serving tray can be a way to avoided that inevitable phrase: but the carrots were touching cucumbers, as well as an easy way to add exposure to a larger variety of vegetables.  If I know that what I’m serving is would pass that test, then a serving tray works great (like above.)
Maybe you’ve seen Manadala colouring books or have made a mandala with items found in nature? The concept is the same:  a  circular repetitive pattern that’s centered on a central point and I’ve realised that vegetables make fantastic patterns.
As an introduction for their a mental picture, talk about those colouring books or natural mandalas or if you’ve never made one before, then, have them think about what a flower looks like and how the petals grow from the center or a snow flake and to get started, have your kids choose one center item and then, have them build a repetitive, pattern, that flows from this center and creates a circle.
I would just love to see what you do with this tutorial! If you share it on Instagram, make it with a #willowdayproject. It would be so much fun to see and share your creativity!
Happy Creating! Happy Willowday Wishes. Have a wonderful weekend I look forward to meet you here again next week.

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