How to make Water Color Pencils

2 September 2014

Day #2: Back to school with Water Color Pencils. 


These make me feel like I’m holding a small work of art. I hope that they make you feel the same.  Find out how below. Paint exquisite, bookish, kooky, vibrant, soft — or what ever your style  — make these water color pencils today.


We think they’re just beautiful and so nice to hold in your hand., too. If you make these I hope they make you feel a little more creative, funny, unique, smart, quick, bold, and wonderfully special! Wouldn’t that be a great feeling to spread which is why I love these, tied in a bow as great gifts, too.
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 I love ordinary, useful, household objects; creating with them and making something everyday exquisite or personal. I’m also a lover of water colours and have a long love of water-colour tape — long before I knew of washi tape.  Water color tape, water colours and pencils work perfectly together. I can’t wait for you to try, too!
Paint soft or colourful; with broad stroke or with tiny details. Why not paint these in your school colours or paint them as though they were  pieces of art. I’d love to see what you do with this, too!
Let’s make Water Color Pencils.
To get started this is what you’ll need:
MaterialsPaint brushes for painting (1 paint brush to remain clean for water only) water-colour tape (available at craft and art supply stores), water-colour paints, (or tempera or gauche, if you’d prefer amore opaque coverage) pencils, 2 continaters of waters

Optional (further below): Liquid Masking Paint, if you would like to experiment with masking (as seen in the above light blue writing paper style or polka dots)

To make:– Cut one strip of water color tape to match the length of a pencils.

(This measurement is from the top of the pencil to the area where it is sharpened and without color)
– Using the clean brush, dip it in clean water and moisten the back of the tape completely.

– Place the center along the edge of the tape and tightly roll the tape around the pencil.

– Hold the pencil tight to help create a strong seal.

– Once you’ve wrapped the pencil, it’s time to paint. Create!

We’ve found an easy technique for drying is to prop the end of a pencil up on another pencil to raise it off the work surface.
Let pencils dry.
Once your pencil is dry, you’re ready to go. Pack these in school supplies, give as friends and teachers or save one just for you as an every day luxury. I love making these look almost marbleised. Since the water-colour tape is paper, these work to sharpen.

Masking Fluid Variation:– Use masking fluid, paint a pattern or a scene on the water color tape first.

– Once the tape is water-colour is dry and the masking fluid is removed, them moisten the back of the tape with a bush and water.
– Press painted water color tape on and around the pencil, as above.
– You’re ready to writing!
Pictured Above: Tape is cut to the length of the pencil, taped to a working mat, masking fluid is applied.
– Once the masking fluid is dry, you can begin painting.
– Let the paint dry.
– Remove the masking fluid with a finger top or eraser. (more about this here)  
When the areas are exposed from under the mask, you can continue layering color or, as seen above, write or draw over your painting.
Send the kids off to school with these personalised pencil, gifts for friends or gifts for teachers. Take a few minutes for this back-to-school craft or maybe they’re just for you: an everyday piece of exquisite.
I’d love to see what you do with this. There are so many artistic styles and these are such a fun to way experiment. Happy Making!
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