Swedish Horse Wrapping Paper

24 November 2014


It’s no wonder that many think of the red, Swedish, Wooden, Horses at Christmas time. I can just imagine these dark nights tenderly filled with the making of these little horse toys for children.
I’m so fascinated by the handicraft tradition but, need something much more simple. You can make a very special wrapping in .. the tap of a hoof!

Today, come with us to use my favorite wrapping technique and make Paper Horses, too. Use the template to make gift tags, ornaments or cards.

Jump with us below for: Swedish Horse Wrapping Paper and printable Dala template.






– Card made with Swedish Horse Template. Use as card or as an ornament | click here.
– Wrapping Paper
– Tape
– Scissors
How to:

1. Lay wrapping paper flat.
2. Size the paper to the box, adding about 4-5 extra inches to the desired length.
3. With the paper flat, press in a pocket by folding up desired pocket depth of paper.  Press flat.
4. with the folded pocket centred under the package, lay package flat.
5. Fold sides and secure ends as you could wrap a regular package.
6. Place a card, an ornament of a gift in the pocket (like this or this)
I hope you enjoy these wraps which are a style that I absolutely love. I think it’s so much fun having a 2–in-1 wrap. Why not add a card, an ornament, present… a drawing or what about an ornament to this outside pocket any time of the year. Today, I hope that you’ll enjoy just little bit of Sweden!

(Since we’re edging up on Thanksgiving. Do you have any presents to wrap? Here is our printable Thanksgiving Wrap which goes with these Turkey Handprint Chalkboard Tags.

Bonus Project: Click click here. for template to make the above Swedish Horse Garland, too. 
To make a paper garland. Cut out horse template. Fold red paper in accordion fold that is the same width as the horse template. Cut template keeping the paper attached at a point along both seams. Once cut, pull apart to enjoy your garland.

And now for some excellent BONUS material…

Today my fellow Rockin’ Art Moms (20 moms brought together by the love of making art with kids ~ we have an awesome Pinterest board that you should follow this instant!) all have their own versions of DIY wrap to share. Click below to find out more about any of these amazing projects.

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Picture Frame Wrapping Paper from Meri Cherry

Swedish Dala Horse Wrap, that’s me!

Enjoy blog hopping today.

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