Things to see in Oslo with Kids

11 November 2015

Traveling west to Oslo:w






Have you ever noticed that when you’re already doing more than you think you can, that this is exactly when you find your super strength to say yes to something that you might not normally do?




Although I’m a traveler, married to a seasoned citizen-of-the-world, and have lived abroad for 20 years, I know that I’ll never loose my perpetual traveller state of mind and awe.

I love short trips — both to big name wow destinations, as well as to off-season near-by hops; because, for me, the short time frame and new location, forces me to relax, absorb and be present  — in other words, be a better mother; a better “liver” a better artist because there’s so much fuel and living in this.
My introduction to Oslo, with my family, as a kid traveler growing up in the US, is a story for another day and one that sewed together adventure, can-do, and magic. I have my parents to thank for the world travelling they gave our brood, as well as the gift they gave us in their attitude to experience local exploration this same level of attention. While Norway for me, as an American kid, meant flying over the Atlantic and to our kids, it was just a hop on a train over the boarder, I know first hand that it’s all about how you approach it.
Our off-season, short but sweet trip; complete with rain served up everything we were looking for: adventure, can-do, and magic.
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It started on the train:

People travel by train all over Sweden and repeatedly tell me why they love to travel this way. Distances are much greater and more rural than you’d anticipate in Scandinavia. Trains make covering the miles so easy.   This trip made a believer out of me. We’ll definitely take the train again.

1. Get your tickets,  here.
2. Kids travel free on regular trains and are very child-friendly. There is a small ticket fee for fast trains.

3. Wifi for all. Yes, you hook up, surf and do all that you need and want to for the entire ride.
4. Freedom to move about, walk, spread out and roam off to the Bistro Wagon which is just a cafe but, never the less, a destination that the kids thought was fun and I found coffee!
5. The trip between Stockholm and Oslo starts and ends in city center so that all city transportation is available when you arrive.Train Stations:In Stockholm, my favorite place to grab a bite is in the Central Train Station at the Brasserie, Luzette which is run by the same owners of Sturehof, Riche, Teatergrillen och Taverna Brillo. We were surprised to find great restaurants in the Central Train Station, too. (Including a kids favorite from London, Yo’s Sushi but, there’s a wide variety to choose from.)

Things to visit in Oslo:
Oslo’s compact and easy to get around by, on foot. In the summer, I can imagine taking boats to the islands and small fjords that encapsulate the city. Even on a rainy day, we enjoyed the easy walk and covered most of the inner town area.
Oslo is a good stopping point if you’re heading to the Norwegian west coast, which has been the way I’ve experienced Oslo earlier.
Kon-tiki Museum: the real Kon-Tiki is here!Viking Museum

Afstrup Museum : New Modern Museum in a stunning setting

Munch Museum

Opera House : New and sumptuously beautiful

Vigelund Park: Stirring.

The Royal Palace and Gardens

Oslo is a city that works well with the best advise I can think of:  take your time, walk everywhere, take in the sites and eat something simple when traveling with kids.  I checked in with my foodie-mother of 4 friend Julie, who’s husband is Norweigan. Her advise about the city was perfect. grab a bite in the new, seaside, area of town called Tjuvholmen. The new modern art museum is located here and combined well with our strolling, dinner plans.
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