Make Snowflake Placecards

15 January 2016
Happy Weekend!
I want to bring a little of our Scandinavian-snowglobe living inside the house this weekend.
(No real snow (or travel) is needed to experience a little north pole living!) 

Whether you have real snow or imagined,  hop with us below to add a little snow to your tables this weekend, too!
Today, in a heartbeat, a festive Friday table was set and I feel like it’s a table setting that is serving up spoonfuls of snow with these Snowflake Placecards. 
Let’s make Snowflake Place Cards:
– Transparent OH plastic paper
– Chalk board Markers
– Scissors
– Optional: drawing paper and pencil
Since real snowflakes are so air-defying, I wanted to bring this light and airy effect to a dinner table  — overhead paper is perfect here. 

Tip: Base the size of your snow flakes on the size of your dinner plates. 
‘For example, the dinner plates that I’m using are quite large (26 cm) so my snowflakes are approximately 5 cm wide and this is how you make them. I made 9 snowflakes on 1 sheet of OH paper. 
1. DRAW snowflakes on the OH Transparent Paper with a white, chalk, marker. 
You can draw these by freehand or draw them and trace. 
Freehand: Draw your snowflakes directly onto the over head paper.
– Tracing: Draw the your snowflakes first on an extra sheet of white paper with pencil; then, slide these drawings under the transparent paper and trace the snowflakes onto the OH paper with the white, chalkboard, marker.
2. CUT
To do this, cut around the edge of the snow flake. You may choose to follow the curves of the pattern or cut a circle, like I’m sharing her.
Once the snowflake is complete, draw names onto the snowflakes.
I felt the writing the name of the opposite side of the white chalk drawing worked best. By using this method, there was no smearing.

4. SET the Table with these new Snowflake Place Tags.

If you would like to set the table like we did, I just slipped the Snowflake Nametags into the tines of a fork. 

Note: These are re-usable! Since you’re using chalk markers, chalk can be erased after serving dinner and re-used again and again. If you write the name of the backside of the place tag, then all you’ll have to do is re-write the name. 
5. Dinner time!

Whether you have snow or can only make your own, we send our wishes to you for a warm, cosy weekend!

We haven’t talked New Year Resolutions but, one of mine is more entertaining at home in 2016; however,  I need this to be simple.  I love home with open doors but, this in the past year, I feel like I haven’t been as well organized on this front as I like to be and it’s high on my list for making a great 2016. What about you? Do you make resolutions?  I’m curious, do you have one top trick that makes simple entertaining easier and more fun? We’re a household that appreciates both food, people and details but, one of my husband’s (unspoken) wishes for 2016 was easy, make-ahead, meals — aka: very, little, clean-up and I’ve been trying out a lot if ideas on the family. Is this something on your mind, too?

Fast or slow, love, is in the details and these place cards are a fun weekend detail in our house that I hope can be fun in your own hands, too!
Willowday Wishes!
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