Healthy Snacks for Kids: Make Little Bird Apples

28 August 2016

Start the school year with a “Little bird” send off —- Make Little Bird Apple Snacks.

I’ll show you the moves you need to make these simple and sweet (healthy) snacks!
Let’s fly below…
This is what you Need:
2 Apples
1 Knife
1 Cutting Board
How to Make:
– Using your first apple, slice wings off the edges of the apple. (Save, slice and serve up additionally)
– Cut triangle for nose and save this bit. This will be the beak.
– Using the second apple, cut eyes with sharp point of a knife and 2 slits on the sides of the apple.
– To finish: Insert nose and slide in the wings.
Little Bird Apple Snack is ready!
“An apple a day” can be anything but prescriptive if they arrive in the house so playfully, right? Make Little Bird Apple Snacks together with your kids,  as an after-school surprise or set the table with these as place markers! (I love these as place settings!)
After a summer of ice cream, popsicles and vacation food, I’m motivated to bring flair to our tables and am also enjoying being in the kitchen again. Good ingredients and playfulness are key. I the chance to pluck the fruits and vegetables from our garden: like these apples.
(In addition to the drawing board, I think the kitchen is a perfect place for shared family creativity.)
I’m so happy to meet you again! I hope your summer’s been absolutely wonderful and I’m so excited gear up for the season ahead.
Happy day and Willowday Wishes.

Thank you for joining me. I hope that you take away a little inspiration, imagination and a small little bit of Sweden, too! If you use this tutorial, I would love to see what you do with it. I enjoy reading your mails and when you share willowday projects with me on  Instagram and  Facebook. Your opinion in valuable to me.

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