Printable Tree Ornament Cards

7 December 2016


Don’t you love opening up the mail box in December?

Oh, the holidays cards: each and every one. Then, there are certain people who put in that something extra into their cards and I just can’t wait to see what I’ll receive from them this year.  What will their photos be this year; will I recognize their kids; have they designed them themselves; have they made them with their kids, themselves or commissioned them? These cards feel just a little different from the moment you see them still in their envelope in the mail box: a small party in the mail box.

If this is you, then here’s an idea and template that I can’t wait to get into your hands. I’d love to see what you do.  OR, if this is who you’d like to be but, don’t have the time or inspiration, then I’ve made it SUPER, SUPER simple printable just for you and am so excited to get this into your hands!

Print a template below to make your very own version of my 3D Paper Tree Ornament Cards. 


All you need:

Get the downloadable
PRINTABLE 3D Paper Tree Ornament Cards | HERE

  • Print on white Printable Plain Card Stock (I like to use 220 g)

If you want to make the cards that we did:

  • Before Printing, I placed a duotone photo with Photoshop into the tempalate format for the interior and added a greeting.
  • I printed one side of the template/ card with the photo and greeting.
  • Next, I put out color pencils and the outside was colored.  I’m wanted a very raw look this year but, you could paint, color, embellish any way you’d like to create the outer tree.
  • Trim around the edges
  • Fold on the dotted lines.
  • Make a ribbon tie for the top of the card
  • Flatten the card and the tie into an envelope. You’re ready!

Place the card and tie flat in the card for your receiver to merrily assemble.


How fun is that?

Option 2: 

This can be simplified if you don’t use photoshop, all you need to do it cut one template.  

You can cut it from green coloured card stop and write the greeting inside!

Get the downloadable PRINTABLE 3D Paper Tree Ornament | HERE


I can’t wait to see what you do with this tutorial.  If you use it or are inspired by this post, I’d love to see what you do. If you’re looking for wrapping paper for holiday gift, PRINT this PRINTABLE SNOWY WRAPPING PAPER.  If you would like more paper projects for the holidays, here is a post for you (5 Winter Paper Printables).  Did you start The Creative Collective Sweden’s 24 Days of Creativity Calendar with my on DAY 1? (HERE) 


post_xmas_tree_fourfinal-tree-ornament-card_pin_dec7Willow Wishes!

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