15 February 2012

ICE ART #5: Sand bucket Ice Lanterns I hope you’re having a wonderful week.  Willowday’s “Ice Art” collection will continue throughout February.  Today, Gray, our son, is proud to present his Sand bucket Ice Lanterns. These are the perfect starter-lanterns. They are easy to assemble and are very, hearty. With a little luck, these could last the entire season.


HOW-TO:1) Fill pail with water.
2) Leave pail outside to freeze.
Watch this for 24-48 hours, as temperatures vary. 
This will freeze from the bottom up and along the sides.
The center will remain unfrozen and 
will become the hollow, in which you may set a tea light. 
If an icy layer forms on the top, tap this away to remove icy crust.
3) Once you have a thick outer edge (our edge, here, is about 2 inches), 
pour out the remaining water that is in the center.
REMOVAL: Carefully hold the sides of the pail. 
Rub the sides to warm the plastic so that the ice lantern 
can just slide out of the pail form.
If it doesn’t remove easily: In a basin: fill with warm (but not hot) water: 
the water will need to cover at least half of the pail.
Set the pail bottom in this warm water basin for about a minute.
This will melt the edges so that you can easily extract the lantern.
Take outside immediately.
USE: Set a tea candle into the hollowed, center. Light and Enjoy.

How-To: Option #2:1) Fill the bottom of your pail with about 2 inches of water.
2) Allow this base-layer to freeze.
3) Once the base layer is frozen, place the 

plastic cup in the center of the pail on the ice.
4) Fill this inner cup with about 1 inch water 
(this will provide weight to hold the cup in place).
5) Fill the pail to the desired height for ice lantern — 
up to the edge of the cup but not over.
6) Freeze.
REMOVAL: Repeat the same removal procedure, as above. 
Plus, for removal of the inner, plastic cup:  
If the inner cup does not want to loosen, fill this inner cup with 
very, warm, water and slide it out once loosened.
Take lantern immediately outside.
USE: Place tea-light in the hallow created by the inner cup. Light. Enjoy!
NOTE: Do not use glass because the ice will expand and you risk shattered glass.


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