DAY 8 Make a Snowman Garland

8 December 2017
“Let’s, make a Snowman.”

DAY 8: Make a Snowman garland. Welcome Karin and Freya of Pysselbolaget.
Hello from Karin:
Four years ago The Creative Collective Sweden started a christmas calendar together, 25 creative day of Christmas. We were all fairly new to blogging and happy to do something as a group. Today we are experienced bloggers, some even professional photographers and all really good friends. The calendar is now four years old and for the second year in a row it’s hosted by Gina at Willowday. Just like last year, she’s managed to get the most wonderful group of people to participate, both bloggers new to the calendar and old well known participants. Today it’s our turn to share our post and it’s an honor for me and Freja to be a part of the calendar. We’re making a Snowman Garland! Head over to us for a full tutorial! It’s in Swedish, but with easy step-by-step photos as well.

Thank you for joining DAY 8 and it’s time to add a Snowman Garland!  FULL SNOWMAN GARLAND POST | HERE

Thank you Karin and Freya for joining everyone this season and from DAY 1 four years ago!

Karin was the very first blogger that I met in Sweden. It’s true, just how green we were. I’m not I even understood how to flow text around my photos in those first days — which makes today all the warmer, richer —- and merrier.  On top of that, for me personally,  meetings and connections in Sweden always run deeper, because I’m still an ex-pat in the bottom: constantly adopting to the country I’ve moved to as an adult.  Although I’ve lived here quite some time now, the country remains a bit of a fresh chalkboard to me. All  new meetings or new connections are very precious and form my impressions of Sweden-as-a-whole — new tribes formed. Karin is always very “game on:” quickly saying “yes” to founding this full idea with me; including my kids in her book, “Pyssel med mig”, travelworking together and  designing last year’s cookbook that we gave away to readers. If you missed this, you can still download the book in this post that includes all 70+ of all of the projects this collective group produced in it’s first 3 years. (here) 

Enjoy today’s DAY 8 post with Karin and the playful world she enjoys with her daughter, Freya.

As always, if you use a tutorial you enjoy here, I’d love to see it on Instagram or Facebook. Since today’s post is a part of, The 24 Days of Scandinavian Creativity, we additionally have a hashtag that we’d love you to use to share your creativity with us, too!  #tccscandinavia2017 . I  look forward to, tomorrow, DAY 9, when I welcome, Marie of Musqot. 

As always, it’s a pleasure to meet you. Willowday Wishes, Gina