Ornament No. 2: Woven Hearts

12 December 2017
I know. This month is off to a racing start. When I decided to create this year’s 4th Annual 24 Days of Scandinavian Creative Calendar I wanted to go all in.  I promised you travel and inspiration and I hope you’re finding it here daily with a new posts and the chance to meet Scandinavian or Scandinavian-inspired creatives for 24 days.

If you saw yesterday’s post then you know that I’ve added 5 extra posts just for kids, as a special gift to you, on top of these 24 daily posts. For five days this week, I’ve invited in several guests and will also be sharing my own projects with you in an ORNAMENT series.

Today’s Woven Heart Ornaments are quintessential Scandinavian and I’ve asked today’s guest, Mie and her kids to come show you how to make these!

Let me introduce you. Continue with me below …

Hello, I am Mie, a Danish mother of three. I am a believer in open-ended, interest-led learning, where there is no right or wrong thing to do. Hand kids the same materials and they will each come up with something unique, using their own skills and imagination. When this is said, we also love the traditions that comes with Christmas. One of them is making wowen Christmas hearts for our tree. — Mie. 
How to make Danish wowen Christmas hearts
The Danish wowen Christmas hearts are a tradition that goes back in our history. Some people say the first heart was made by Hans Christian Andersen back in the 1860s.
Around Christmas children and families all over Denmark sit down and create Christmas hearts. It’s a sweet and simple way to come together. A real “hygge” moment…
Materials needed
  • Two pieces of paper, one red – one white
  • Scissor
  • Glue
  • A glass, pen and ruler for the template
As a mother who wants to raise creative thinkers, we make our own template. It’s a part of the process. Draw a square 8×8 centimeter, use a glass to make the bow on top of the heart. You can make one or two strips in your template, we recommend that you start with one as it’s more simple for  children to do.
1600 Mie's Ornament_template
Fold and cut
Fold the red and white paper so you have a double layer. Aline the template to the bottom line and trace around it. Then carefully cut out the shape and up each line to create strips. To hide the pencil lines, simply refold the shapes along the fold so that the lines are inside.
Weave the two sides together 
1. Start with matching shapes in red and white
2. Weave the first part of the white shape between the two layers of the first strip of the red shape.
3. Thread the next strip between the two layers of the white strip that you are weaving with.
4. Repeat until all og the stripes are wowen.
1600_ Mie's Ornament weavec
Final touch
Finally cut out a strip of paper for a handle and attachs it to the heart with glue.
On Christmas eve they are hung on the tree and filled with candy or homemade cookies.
1600_Mie's Ornament _cutting
Happy creating and a very merry Christmas from our family to yours, Mie.

Hello again,

As always, I love to see what you do with tutorials here. You can share them on Instagram with  #tccscandinavia2017 tag or Facebook.  If you have small kids and want to jump into a real, everyday, creative Scandinavian family home, then travel to Denmark to the home of today’s guest, Mie.  You’ll be struck the second you arrive there at this family’s authentic invitation to imagine, make and do. Although we’ve never met, I feel like I know this warm family, connected through art.  Thank you, Mie Laerke Rasmussen (here)  and team of creative kids for sharing today’s post and for welcoming readers of willowday into your home, too.

1600 Mie's Ornament_weave

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Willowday Wishes,