10 Books for Creatives

5 December 2020

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 10 Books for Creatives from 10 contributors in the 6th Annual Creative Calendar

How’s you’re shopping coming along this year? I think books are so often a wonderful gift to give, easy to buy online — if we can’t peruse bookshops with coffees in hand —  and as I checked out recent work by contributors in this year’s creative calendar, I found 10 books that I had to share with you in all shapes and sizes.  I know you’ll find one, two … or 10! Plus, if your book shelves are like mine, then there is, of course, art on these shelves. I’ve included two contributors this year who are also artists whom I’ve added to the list for you.

10 Books + Art for you

 1 + 6  Gina Vide| willowday

5  Hanna Wendelbo


3 Leonor Juhl | Fröken Turkos

4. Karin Schaeffer | Pysselbolaget

7. Nicole | Golden Freckles

8. Abby Hunter | Fete Gazette

9. Annelie Andersson | anneliesblomsterochbakverk

10. Arielle Goddard | Artcamp

11 Pysselbolaget + Willowday  collaboration

12. Marie Wigge




Have you been following along with the The Creative Collective  Calendar — with 25 daily posts and 25 projects, DIY or recipes —    Instagram? I started the calendar with day 1 /here/ with 2 Templates for drawing Chalk Windows that are Scandinavian inspired: Stockholm’s Old Town and an Swedish Island. We hope you’ll join us!


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