5 Family Friendly Restaurants in Stockholm

2 March 2014


Hello and Happy Weekend. We’re rounding down a wonderful Winter Break and I thought I’d share a little extra post about eating out in Stockholm with kids. Since vacation often means eating out, visitors or meeting others, I’ve been thinking about this: restaurants and kids.
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As a family, we have a broad list of styles and restaurants we like to visit (here), but, when it comes to easy, everyday places to meet to eat friends with kids and a full spectrum of preferences or dining styles, I realize we do have several places that are very easy to return to, again and again.  Continue below for 5 family, friendly Stockholm restaurants with easy, kid-friendly, meals with both atmosphere and menus that will please both kids and adults.


5 Easy places to eat with kids in Stockholm
1. Fotografisk at Fotografiska Museum:
Check out the exhibits or just stop in to eat. This is a very popular place, with one of the best views in the city of Stockholm, and a Bistro with something for everyone. The space is open, airy, and the Swedish and International kitchen has a lot to choose from: baked goods, sandwiches and salads to warm meals with a glass of wine — warm dishes are made right in from of you: items like grilled fish and meat with frest vegetables — including a brunch on the weekend.
2. E.A.T (at MOOD). MOOD Gallerian is Stockholm’s newest shopping area with great small boutiques and many restaurants set in an urban strolling style atmosphere. There are actually several choices here, depending on your palette and group: we love Asian, European Food at E.A.T (they had high chairs) and Spanish tapas at Boqueria with bigger kids.  Enjoy a stroll here, before making a decision and check these locations and menus for yourself.
3. Urban Deli: Urban Deli now has two locations in Stockholm’s creative, bohemian, Sodermalm, Nytorget, or  a second location, just outside of the city, in Sickla. Both have a well-stocked deli with dry-goods, baked-goods, groceries and a deli for take out, as well as a great restaurant serving breakfast through dinner. Here, you will find classic Swedish dishes, meats and fish, as well as grilled food.

4. Vapiano  Italian food, made to taste while you wait and watch. This is a kid pleaser and a very easy place to meet a group. I think our kids like the “event” of this restaurant and choosing their food and ingredients, while watching it get made right in front of their eyes. The menu is very straight forward but fresh with pizzas, pasta and salads.

5. Texas Longhorn. I typically don’t try to re-create “foods from home” but, recently, on recommendation from so very, many people, I’ve come to understand the popularity of this restaurant:  American-style hamburgers (or your can replace the hamburgers with chicken, you prefer) and salads — they even have baskets of onion rings that look and taste like the real deal.

If you’d like a broader list, last year, I shared a longer list “Where to Eat with Kids.” I love to hear from you, when you come to visit Stockholm and want you to find the best in our city!


Left: Eat. Right: SALT Bakery at MOOD

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