5 October 2021

Fairy Leaf Puppets

Are you looking for a nature project to make with kids? Make Fairy Leaf Puppets.  Can you resist the charms of an Autumn leaf? Everything about them sets my imagination spinning and my pockets full.

Let’s get “leafy” today! Inspired by imagination, fueled with imagination, make Leaf Fairy Puppets or use these as Leaf Fairy Cupcake toppers.

Follow me below along with my “wee willow makers” to make your own, Leaf Fairy Puppets.  Timeless, fun. 

To Make Leaf Fairy Puppets:

Materials for Leaf Fairy Puppets:

These are the perfect guests and nature crafts for a  Woodland Party.  

  • Gather and label supplies for each of the guests
  • Lay out multitudes of markers in the middle to your makers, along with adhesives as the invitation for each guest to create their own Fairy Leaf Puppets
  • Before getting started on these puppets, we warmed up by making leaf masks which was a fun way to get into the mood and to also, start working with leaves. Through this, the kids experienced: painting and drawing on leaves; along with cutting them into new shapes and glueing. The meeting a nature and art brings such surprises and although these activities sound so familiar they brought new thoughts and imaginations.

When the kids arrived to my Woodland Event, I had already make one Leaf Fairy Puppet per child and had also decorated cupcakes with Leaf Fairy Puppets, as inspiration; but, then set the table for each child to create puppets of their own.

By putting together “Art Party Packs” for each of the kids beforehand, I wanted the day to feel as though the activity would feel as magical as unwrapping a beautiful present — although, what I wanted to unwrap was their own creativity and was so happy to see what they did. I also created extras which the kids were able to take home with themselves for continued creating.

TO MAKE Fairy Leaf Puppets:

To use the Printable Flower Fairy Template | Click here for your own Fairy Leaf Puppet printable

After you have the bodies,

  • Gather:
  • Leaves
  • Pens or paint for working on the leaves
  • A twig or craft stick.
  • In the center of the table, we set more leaves, adhesives and paints.
  • Use Washi to attach the Body to the Twig.
  • (If you prefer, use a glue gun)

And let you creativity soar