Hello Sweden

4 August 2012

Hello Sweden. We’re back. Our first night’s sleep felt like falling into a winter’s hibernation. Have you ever had the feeling that you don’t know where you are when you wake up? Isn’t jet lag indescribable? Have you had it before? Do you have a routine to outfox it? I think adapting to the schedule of the new time zone is the best way to go; although, I am enjoying our forgiving slower Summer schedule. I think Summer jet leg is infinitely easier than Winter jet lag and that traveling west is much easier than traveling east. I always love the feeling that I’m a natural early bird when we fly west to the US.

Have fun this weekend! I can’t wait to meet next week. Before I close for the weekend, here are a few links that I think you might enjoy, too:

– I’d like to re-selvage some extra wood that we have from the previous owners of this house and make an outdoor table that seats 12. This gives me a little inspiration, here.

– The grill sized pizza stone didn’t fit my suitcase but, I found this recipe for pizza crusts in 5 minutes that I’d like to try, here.

– Horray. I’ve been waiting and am I am thrilled, thrilled, thrilled to have this new museum, restuarant and grounds, Artipelog, almost around the corner. here.

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Happy Weekend, Aug 10