DIY: “Cinco de Mayo” Serving Spoons

5 May 2013

Happy Weekend! Make these festive spoons in a snap!


I know that I signed off on Friday with a weekend good-bye, but realized that I had to share these with you.

Warm Spring weather brought a Mexican Aperitif to us, this weekend. (This will be Friday Night Apéritif — kid style #2 – coming soon!)  I found our mortar and pestle and prepared: Guacamole, Pico de Gallo and Roasted Corn + Black Bean Pesto….  Unplanned, I realized that this was the weekend of Cinco de Mayo, too. My husband’s lived in Mexico, we all love Mexican food and I knew it would be the perfect way to help him over his jet lag, after a week’s travel to NYC.  (He still dreams about the grapefruit sized avocados he’d had there. I love to draw out stories of dinners, adventures and the social scene he experienced from his days in Mexico City….it founds so festive, interesting and spontaneous … warm.) But, I find that food can serve as travel on it’s own!

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With a snip and a twist, I added these Serving Spoons!
This time of the year, if we’re home, I like to be prepared for unexpected warm weather droppers by: strolling neighbors, friends on bikes, far away friends and family, our summer cantina is open. You might have to help with a little weekend weeding but, I promise rewards from the kitchen and maybe a bouquet to take home, too.  (It’s amazing how the weather changes every one’s sociability, isn’t it? I find that the seasons exaggerate this even more, in Sweden. Do you notice the same? …. I love to hear about the dinners and social scene from Staffan’s day back in Mexico City. Do the seasons affect you?)  Whatever the season, these little accessories are extremely quick and easy to make. If you, too, would like to know how, just continue below:
Wooden Spoons
Crepe paper
1. Gather supplies.
2. Fringe crepe paper.
3. Apply glue to the ends of your your spoons and wrap the crepe paper around the end.
4. Let dry. Once dry, it’s fiesta time!
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