Make a Collar

2 April 2014




A shimmery collar just says “dressed up” to me, don’t you agree? With several festive occasions coming up soon, I made this simple, glittery, tie version of a collar for our daughter. She can layer it over a sweater or tee shirt — remaining comfy and active even while moving in and out of handstands and flips — without a the burden of a shirt that might come untucked and binding fabric. Classic pretty with a modern twist!

How to add some glamor when the girl just wants to wear a tee? Just click below to come to the full tutorial:
Supplies:1/2 yard sequin fabric
1/2 yard matching cotton
1/4 yard interfacing
ribbon (To make this version, I used 1″ wide grossgrain)

PDF Patterns:Collar Pattern | US – letter sized | here
Collar Pattern | A4 | here
– Start by printing the choosing correct format and template (below) and cutting paper pattern piece out of dressmaker paper or newsprint.
PDF Patterns:Collar Pattern | US – letter sized | here
Collar Pattern | A4 | here

– Using paper pattern piece, cut 1 sequin fabric, 1 matching cotton and 1 interfacing.
– Iron or sew interfacing onto the top piece (sequin).
– Pin rights sides together allowing an opening for the ribbon which you will leave open and sew by hand, afterwards.
– Sew around the collar, leaving the two places open for the ribbon and one opening with which to reverse the collar.
– Once sewn, clip rounded edged, trim loose threads and reverse. Press edges.
– Slide the ribbons into the spaces left for them and sew.
– Sew the opening, with which the collar was reserved, closed.
Collar is party ready!
Comfort is currently the key word in our daughter’s vocabulary and I really can’t blame her. When all three of the kids were little, little, I sewed for them constantly. When we were designing fabric with crayons (here) I thought that it would be so much fun to make collars with that fabric and to also, have a little sewing party with her friends.

(Hello readers: Would you like step by step photos or illustrations of this, too? I’m heading out of town for a few days and will have the chance to add step by step photos when I return. This gives you the chance to let me know if there’s anything special you’re looking for.  Until then, I wish you inspiration. By the way, you can adjust this collar to fit yourself, too! Matching? Happy Making!)

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