Make Apple and Pear Pompom Pencils

1 September 2014


… and grown ups, too.

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We think these treats pair perfectly for kids and adults, too!

Happy Monday! Happy Monday Making. School started for us last week and we’re moving at a roll.  In addition to checking things off school lists this time of the year, I always try to sit down with the kids to make something special for school —  even if we just take a couple of minutes, I think it’s a worthwhile ritual. Last year, the kids made these for school | here.) This year, we had a lot of fun making Pompom Pencils.

Make one. Make one dozen. These sweet treats can be made in just a few minutes and make a perfect school supply, as well as gift. Come make with us in the full tutorial below….
As presents, why not wrap up a bundle of there in a pretty ribbon as a personal teacher’s gift (or add to a journal and wrap like this | here.)

Ready, set, go, let’s start making.

Supplies: red wool pompom for apple, green wool pompom for pear, 1 safety pin, green washi tape, pencil and glue gun, google eyes-optional (not pictured below)

How to make the Apple Pompom Pencil:

– Fold over a one piece of washi tape and cut a leaf from this tape.
– Dot the top of the red pompom with a drop of glue.
– Place the green leaf on this glue and let dry.
– Once the leaf is dry and in place, dot the top of the pencil with glue and press the pompom apple in place. Let dry.
The pencil is ready for use and/or giving. If you would like to add eyes, place two dots of glue on the apple for eyes and press 2 google eyes on the apple.
To make the pear pom pom
– To make a pear-shaped pompom, open your safety pin and pull the felt from one side. Continue to loosen the fibbers of the pompom until one end of the pompom is loose and fluffy.
– Once the pompom is loose and fluffy at one end it is ready to be re-shaped into a pear. Do this by pulling the fiber to make that end longer and by then, pressing the pompom, with you hand, into a new, oblong, pear shape.
– Once the pompom is pear shaped, place a dot of glue on top and glue on the leaf.
– Place a dot of glue at the end of the pencil and press the pear into the top.
-Let dry.
Once the pompoms are dry, the pencils are ready to go!
Willowday wishes,
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