Bat Garland

6 October 2014
Happy October.

I’m so happy to meet you today. We’ve had a wonderful weekend that included birthdays, matches, Fall walks and friends, along with time for creating with paper. This is such a perfect project to bring Halloween into your home — very quickly!

Yesterday, I found our daughter quietly making this paper bat garland (and most likely singing, too.) I loved them so much that I asked her if I could share them with you! Of course, she said, yes and so we invite you, to invite paper bats into your home this week, too!

Come join me below for template and how to make the worlds easiest paper bat garland.
Template: Bat Template PDF*, black paper — we used 220g paper, tape
How to:
– Cut bat template.
(Note: there are 2 templates. #1 works well for thin paper and #2 work well for heavier paper due to less layers and folding.)
– Fold the black paper in an accordion fold that matches the width of the bat.
– Cut the bat template and make sure to keep both the fold line and tips of the wings intact. These areas need to remain uncut so that that garland holds together.
– To make a long garland, adjoin the bats at the tips of their wings with tape. Continue adding to the garland, until satisfied with the length.
* – If you would like larger or smaller bats, print the template at a larger or smaller percentage.

What’s October bringing you?

It’s been just warm enough in Stockholm for me to dream of just one last swim. I’m realistic enough to understand that I might be one of only two people left in the country still thinking of swimming (I think I met the other dreamer this weekend!) but, it’s been a beautiful Fall. However, the trees are speaking a different reality. This idea is being pushed aside and replaced with real walks where we’re collecting orange, red and yellow leaves and, in what felt like perfect synchronicity, so did our art table. By the end of the weekend,  we had paper silhouettes in all of the colours of Autumn plus this paper bat garland.

I’m so curious, what do you do for Halloween? Have you started decoration? Do you? Is it celebrated in your area of the world?

Since Halloween isn’t a Swedish tradition at all, our celebrations vary every year and it’s a lot about what we make of it ourselves. Many years, I’ve arranged a trick-or-treat trail in our neighborhood. Last year, we were included in a friends neighbourhood celebrations which were extra special because it isn’t celebrated every where so these are treasures. We also joined a Ghost Tour under the most perfect Halloween moon in Stockholm’s Old Town.(here) If you have big kids and are in Stockholm, this is a fun thing to do. I’ll close with wishes today and I look forward to meeting you here again this week!
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