Handprint Ghost Cards

7 October 2014

Transparent Ghost Halloween Handprint Cards

As long as there are small hands in our house, let there be “handprint art.”

Kids always seem to have fun creating art with their handprints. The results are one-of-a-kind pieces that are time-capsules, too.  This past weekend, I had an idea for updating the classic handprint card by using a paper cut technique and transparent paper. I thought the results were spooky cute!


Learn the trick behind these Halloween Handprint Cards treats below!


Halloween Handprint Cards Materials:

Card Stock (I used 220 g black + orange card stock), pencil, matching envelopes, Xacto knife, Black permanent pens, double sided tape or glue, Transparent Paper (I used tracing paper here but, you can find milky, semi-transparent card stock at craft and paper supply stores) White Opaque pens Optional: stickers and/or paper with glue. 

To make:

– Place child’s hand in the center of the front of your card.
– Help your child visualise a “ghost” shape with the placement of their fingers, as a part of the process.
– Trace an outline of child’s hand which will serve as a guide or template cut cutting.
– Cut hand shape out of the cover, using an Xacto knife.
Above Top: Trace hand on to card stock. 
Above | Bottom: Cut out hand print. Remove the inner handprint area.
Note: Above, we traced the hand on the inside front cover of the card so that we could cut out the area within the lines of the tracing.  These pencil marks may be erased or covered up, in the next step, with the transparent paper. 
– Once the handprint has been cut out and removed, cut one piece of the tracing paper to fit over the handprint area. Allow for an extra area around the hand so that you can apply glue to attach the tracing paper to the black card stock.
– Once the paper has been cut, apply tape or glue along the edge of the cutting (handprint) and press the transparent paper into place.
–  Close card and decorate.
–  To create a ghost, simply add eyes and mouths. Once this face has been created, embellish further if you would like.

Personalise faces with markers, add stickers or paper cut outs for further embellishment. Add a message around the edge of the ghost, as an invitation or thanks you. We’ll be using these for both.

I’d love to see what you do with this idea! Willowday Wishes!