Happy International Women’s Day

8 March 2013

Happy Friday. Happy International Women’s Day to all of you!

I can’t remember this date being one I heard observed often, when I lived in the US; but, today, I’ve been greeted with this several times. In fact, I have a friend who received flowers every year on this date.  Do you? Do you send them? Do you do anything to actively recognize International Women’s Day?

The whole idea of this day has me sidetracked — thinking of so many women I admire* and also, of this movie I shared last year: Babies: a documentary that follows 4 International Mothers and their 4 babies in their first year together — it feels both so simple yet, profound — women young and old around the world: celebrating you. Due to this, I’m going to wait until tomorrow to share this week’s gift wrap. Hint: it’s something for upcoming holidays and fun!
I’ll see you back here tomorrow with a gift wrap and to announce the winner of the Action Pack Magazine Give away! Entries will close at midnight PST, today:  GIVE AWAY for theAction Pack Magazine. Just click here to see you to enter.
Happy Friday!
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