Conversation Heart Popcorn

12 February 2016

Make Conversation Heart Popcorn this Valentine’s Day!

It’s a love snack: popcorn, sprinkled with love!  How often is that the thought on my mind when I’m creating in the kitchen — cooking with love and from the heart — using Candy Conversation Hearts like little cupids bows in popcorn clouds!




Conversation Heart Popcorn

1 Batch Popcorn
100 grams Good Quality White Chocolate
1 Handful of Conversation Heart Candies

– Pop popcorn.
– Crush candy hearts by placing in a plastic bag and crushing with a hammer.
– Melt white chocolate

To make Conversation Heart Popcorn like ours, I saved out about 1/4 – 1/3 of my heaping handful of Conversation Hearts to leave whole and then, smashed the rest of these candies. Do this to your own personal taste. I felt that leaving the candies whole would be too much of a mouthful but, breaking these into chunky pieces looked so great!

– In a large bowl, drizzle the white chocolate over the popcorn and then, toss the candy onto and mix well.

Let cool and solidify.

Party time!


Conversation Hearts really fit the saying “absence makes the heart grown fonder” because for me, these are quintessential to Valentine’s Day but non-existent in Sweden. I’ve checked every market and grocer I could find or visit that I thought might carry these candies and can’t find one supplier.

When our friends, Michelle and Emilia, recently visited us from New York bearing these holiday candies we like so lucky!  In addition to hiding them away until this weekend, it occurred to me that I could actually use these as sprinkles in a popcorn  this idea was born!  At first, I thought I’d make a carmel corn with with a white or more transparent base but, then, realised that by using white chocolate, I could actually make these with less sugar and by using white chocolate, not compete with the color of the candies.  

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