Emoji Eggs

13 April 2017

Who hasn’t fallen for the charm of the smiley face Emoji?

With smiley emojis in more forms than I’ve ever imagined, of course, it was only natural for the idea for Egg Emoji to show up in my Kid’s Art Studio last week.  My student, Kirra, made emoji eggs for all of here nearest and dearest.  They put a smile on my face and hope they’ll do the same for you.
Easter Eggs with GIRLSa_1

Do you make Easter Eggs every year? I just have to and decided to kick off a new season in my kid’s Art Studio with this simple project.  The kids had strong and immediate ideas and today, I want to share Emoji Eggs. What could be more current although I would love if it there were a smiley face “bunny” emoji.  So, if you’re looking for a simple alternative egg project to make with your kids, I hope you find inspiration.
Easter Eggs with GIRLSa_3MAIN_SUPPLIES_Easter Eggs with GIRLSa_8


  • Eggs (In Sweden, we have papier mache eggs available but, you can use any egg)
  • Yellow, Black, Light Blue and Red Paint
  • Markers, if you prefer these for drawing details


Start by researching the Emoji’s you would like to use.

  • Kirra researched the emoji she wanted to use on her phone.
  • The next step was to make a quick pencil mock up sketch for placing proportions on the eggs.
  • I wanted to make this as easy for you as possible. I gathered 6 Emoji that Kirra used in this printout:  HERE with several smiling faces and kisses. You can print this reference out for a group or just look at them in your screen while prepping.
  • Reference with 6 EMOJI EGG patterns, click here. 

Easter Eggs with GIRLSa_1

  • Paint the base later in yellow.
  • Let dry.
  • Return and paint details.
  • I mentioned markers because some find these easier to control. Kirra used black marker for fine details but otherwise used paint. Easter Eggs with GIRLSa_2 Easter Eggs with GIRLSa_8
    MAIN_KIRRA_Easter Eggs with GIRLSa_8MAIN_TXT_Easter Eggs with GIRLSa_A

These are a super, simple, modern eggs to make in a snap. Sending you “Smiley and Kiss-y Faces!”

If you you use this tutorial, I love to see what you do. I share

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