Book Review: Nature Craft Book for kids

25 September 2018

With the crisp feeling of Autumn leaves in the air, I’m very happy to share a new DIY/nature craft book to encourage creativity with nature by blogger and architect, Natalie Kramer. 

You know that I love the easy accessibility of nature crafts and kids.  Nature projects so often involve side-by-side creativity along with the outdoors and imagination so when, Natalie shared that she had a new nature book, Mein Natur Bastelbuch. I was so very happy to share it with you, too.

You don’t need to read German to glean inspiration and play from Natalie’s book that has neatly organised illustrations for you and your kids to create from.

Natalie was the very first blogger friend I ever knew through social media and holds a very special place in my heart due to this.  In fact, we both contributed to several DIY blogs (Handmade Charlotte, an Australian Magazine, to name two.)

I could always spot Natalie’s work on site: it’s so well-thought through, playful, and made from materials that almost everyone would have on hand. Discovering that Natalie was an architect fit perfectly with her work!

I’m so happy to introduce you to her and her new nature craft, book: “Mein Nature Bastelbuch.” By Natalie Kramer. HERE 

You can purchase Mein Natur Bastelbuch here:

I also encourage you to discover other ideas for you to create with your kids by Natalie, here:

Kid tested and willowday approved! I had the perfect opportunity to put Natalie’s book to the test when we had a visit from a group of kids. I pulled out the book and they were quickly lost in ideas and choose to make this Leaf Art and Bird pompom, all on their own. Easy peasy!

Happy Autumn Making!


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