Journal Sparks

18 May 2017

I dare you to make it through this book without lifting a pencil. This is book is perfect for your kids.

It’s perfect for you.

It’s perfect as a gift.

With Summer on the horizon,  I’m already thinking about books, journals and summer projects to ignite creativity that are simple, creative and accessible.  Journal Sparks, from Emily K. Neuburger, is the one!

Journal SparksMAINinnerAs soon as I began paging thought Journal Sparks, ideas flowed. It’s a rarity to have a book that pulls me to action immediately and this book did that. I enjoy a very open ended path to creativity where ideas aren’t already completed but,  this book not only structures and guides you through projects, it’s really an invitation to create and leaves just the right amount of room for those who like open ended prompts, like me, and those who are looking for structure.  It’s all here and is for all ages.

With a classic project or  two strewn in through out the book, she truly has created a world of creativity that invokes action. I wanted to choose the most simple of simple projects to share from her book that I could do with all ages and decided to embark on a Finger Print Week. In my ESL class, every single 5 year old creator (in my very, very, rambunctious) class pushed their sleeves up and with glittering eyes created Dot People self-portraits and family portraits like this.  They were absolutely fantastic! None of them wanted to stop creating and after the first portraits, continued on to make Mother’s Day cards since we will celebrate this holiday in the end of May.

Journal SparksCARDAt home, we embellished  muslin gift bags with heart-shaped finger prints. These are going to make great personalised gifts and were perfect quick project to make for a busy home!

Journal SparksSINGLEIBAGSince I’m currently thinking of my own big-kid family over the upcoming Summer break, I especially loved the elements that Emily included for writing prompts. I think approaching creative writing through visual aids is such a wonderful bridge to language. Do your kids journal?  Do you organise this yourself in the summer?  I encourage and strategize this.  Although I enjoy the process of planning summer projects, I’m thrilled to have a tool from an outside source for the kids who is not Mom; but one that is organised and created in a way that speaks to me and thrills me, too. I’m looking forward to a summer with this book in hand. Thank you, Emily. If you are interested in seeing more and ordering your own copy of  Journal Sparks,  click HERE for more.

I’m very happy to join Emily in her Journal Sparks, Instagram and Facebook Book tour today.  As always, I love to see what you do with this.

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