Make a Paper Bow

14 December 2022

I think you’re going to want to save this page. Grab a sheet of paper or pieces of extra gift wrap and start making perfect bow with me right now! This is a sure-proof way to make perfect packages every time. Hop below for the tutorial.

After finding “just the right gift,” don’t you want it to also be wrapped with the same magic?
How many times have you chosen the perfect gift wrap, smoothly wrapped and then creased the corners corners to perfection and to then, end up with a floppy bow?

There are many techniques that I’ve tried that almost work but are never sure fire, until this method! I’ve made a whole string of them and actually love them so much, which I’d gifted these gift bows as a pre-holiday set to friends. That’s how much I love them and how they finish off gifts to perfection!

Paper (left over gift wrap, new prints, paper bags or construction paper all work well!), scissors, double sided tape (or glue stick)

– Cut a strip of paper
– Fold strip in half
– Cut bow wrap (see video)
– Fold and press into shape (see video)
– Press center and secure with tape
– Wrap center with thin strip of paper and secure with double sided tape.
Ready to go!

If you use this tutorial, I would love to see what you do! Please tag us on Instagram @willowdaygram or Facebook @willowday !

Willowday Wishes!

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