Towel Beach Bags

24 June 2014


Hi! It’s been far too long! I hope your Summer is off to a fantastic start!  Last Thursday, brought our last day of school and the official beginning of Summer. We flew off to beautiful, Summer, beginnings and are now enjoying sun and being reunited with family and friends.
Before leaving, we made a project that is currently getting a lot of use and was an incredibly easy and fun, first sewing project: Towel Beach Bags. This is a perfect first sewing project for young seamstresses. There are only 4 seams to sew.
Continue below for the full post and how to:


towel, cord, needle and thread and/or sewing machine. thread to match your towel, pins, safety pin
To Start:
– Fold the top edge of the short tide of the towel over. (Approximately 2 “/5 cm) and pin the flap into place on both upper edges.

– Sew top flap on both sides, along the seam and remove pins.

-When top seams has been sewn on both side, fold the towel in half, right sides together. Pin sides. (See illustration #3.)

– Sew side seam, stopping stitching when reaching the top fold that was sewn in the previous step.  It is important to leave this top area open because the side need to remain open to accommodate the cord which will serve as the handles.

Turn the bag inside out and measure cord.
To measure the cord, it will need to go through both the front and the back of the bag, as well as have extra on the sides to serve as handles (See illustration #5 below) for both sides of the bag.


– Attach a large safety pin to one end of the cord to help make the cord draw more easily through the upper casing. Draw the cord through one side and then continue to the backside until you’ve returned to where you’ve started. Tie the beginning and ends together.

– Pull the draw string to open and close the bag.

– Congratulations, the towel beach bag is complete!

Grab your sand baskets or sunglasses, it’s time to hit the beach! Since you’ve used this soft and cozy towelling, the bag can double as a soft place to lay your head and will easily wash up after a day by the water!
Happy Summer Wishes!
I’d like to wish  you all wonderful Summer wishes! I am off on Summer vacation with my family for the next month. I’ll touch in, as I can, and will also be on  instagram. I’m happy to meet you there and remember to please peruse willowday for prior projects. There are enough for a Summer:
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Happy willowday wishes to you all!